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The Farmers Elevator is a locally-owned farm cooperative that serves the livestock supply needs of the Clear Lake, MN community.

Whether you raise crops, swine, beef or dairy cattle, poultry,horses, dogs or cats, you have the power of a cooperative system with global resources and local connections behind your operation. The products and services offered by Clear Lake Farmers Elevator can add more vitality to your animals, crops, business and community.

In addition to operating country grain elevators, we are in the business of supporting animal nutrition and crop production. We carry a full line of livestock and dairy feed as well as feed for farm flocks, pets, horses, goats and sheep.

We sell a wide variety of Products including:
Lawn Seed & Fertilizer| Wild Bird Food & Fertilizer |Vet Supplies | Horse Accessories | Animal Feed | Pet Food & Supplies | Wildlife Feed | Farm Supplies

Clear Lake Farmers Elevator stocks high-quality feed, seed and pet food. Our feeds provide a complete and balanced diet, and each formula is carefully crafted with just the right combination of nutrients to handle specific dietary needs. Come on in and we’ll find the best food for your animals at the best price for your wallet.

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